Hi. So, firstly, neither frank nor biscuit are me. In fact, neither frank nor biscuit are people. Well, not people in the traditional sense.

The delightful creature you see above (in the white) is my apprentice who, in lieu of any siblings, invented a pair of companions.

frank and biscuit barely visit these days so we decided to immortalise  them for all time by naming our business after them.

frank & biscuit became my full time job in 2016. Having a creative job had always been my dream but, you know how time flies and you're paying the bills and you don't really notice that you're not only bored but also kind of getting the Sunday night dread....

So, life happened and people got sick and others died really way too young and I just sort of thought it was probably time just to go for it, coz, well you don't know the minute, do you?

I could bore you arse-less about how much I love doing this. It's just entirely me. I love thinking about clothes, I love making patterns, I even love shrink-washing fabric and then ironing it - I know, weird. 

But the completely best bit is getting to see how amazing people feel when they are wearing something which is entirely made for them. Something that fits them perfectly, suits them totally, and makes them feel like the cat's meow.

PS: My name's Kirstie (although I did have a customer in the first year who thought my name was Frankie Biscuit) I'm the other one in the picture,  facing my fear of accidentally looking like Lord Voldemort on a photograph x

(Now you know me, get in touch, you won't regret it, promise).

​​​​​​frank & biscuit

Unique. Like you.